Sex machine

Sex machine (2006)

video DVD Pal, TT 3:50

The idea for Sex Machine was developed as commentary to the manipulated sexuality of today’s man, his fetishes and lethargy in comfort. HYPERLINK. The video developed as some form of propaganda material for my Sex Machine patent. I created a scaled down simulation of a pornographic film in which the actors are dolls and the machine is the dynamic element of the entire action. The machine is designed as a bed consisting of two halves HYPERLINK – one is static and the other is motioned by and electro-motor. In this manner, by creating a situation in which all that needs to be done is for the pair to position themselves comfortably in the bed and turn on the machine that provides satisfaction of the basest human urge, the tendency of contemporary man towards comfort and the decadence of society cluttered with pornographic content is brutally expressed.

This video piece contemplates the question of physicality within a technological society, portraying a new situation of mechanical sexuality in which man appears as a passive object and the machine is the enabler of dynamic intercourse between two indifferent bodies.

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