Landscape in a box

Landscape in a box (2011)

Light and sound installation


sense-stage sensor system

This work developed during a workshop on the use of sense-stage sensors in the Kapelica gallery of Ljubljana. The workshop was lead by Marija Baalman, an artist and scientist who constructed these sensors. They have a wide application in theater and visual arts installations.

I placed a landscape relief in a cardboard box. The box has two openings for hands, so that the landscape cannot be seen, but is experienced only through the tactile and hearing senses. Tactile sensors are placed along the landscape according to the relief shapes and materials I used. The sensors control sound and light so that we cannot see the landscape, we can only feel it by touch and hear the sounds that change according to locations that are touched on the relief within the box. I used various sounds of wind, storms, and thunder in this work.

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