Summer art residency JABUKA

The first gathering of this colony is planned from 15 – 25. July 2012. This colony intends to develop into a traditional gathering of international and domestic artists. The mountain Jabuka is a crossing point of history and interweaving of various cultural influences.

The mountain Jabuka is also home to the Boško Buha memorial center where mobile phone antennas lean on the monument, but regardless, this is a place endowed with beautiful natural surroundings and is as if it stands forgotten at the new borders of our country. The mountain Jabuka is at the juncture point of Serbia with Montenegro and Bosnia. It is within the Prijepolje district. This multiethnic district is home to many cultural and historical monuments such as Mileševa Monastery with the renowned fresco of the White angel, Sopotnice waterfalls, many churches, monasteries and mosques. This is simultaneously one of the most economically destitute areas of Serbia that bears the effects of the economic crisis and ever increasing numbers of young people leaving for larger cities.

In the intent of elevating this area and strengthening the touristic capacities of the region, Vojkan Dojčinović, a private businessman and owner of the ethno village on the mountain cliffs, had the idea to support the development of this art colony. The colony will in the coming years gather artists each year, who will create work in the setting of this mountain as a reaction to the natural landscape and all the cultural and social conditions that surround them.


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