(2009) Lille 3000/Europa XXL



Land art installation, earth and wood

This work was created and displayed specially for the biennial “Lille 3000 – Europa XXL”. My exhibit took place in the space of the city library in Lille and preceded the award ceremony for best Serbian writers. Among others, present were David Albahari and Branimir Šćepanović. The novels Mouth Full of Dirt by Šćepanović and Gec and Mayer by Albahari left a powerful impression on me and inspired me to continue this HYPERLINK work of mine. In his novel, Šćepanović tells a personal story of a man in deadly fear of disease and people, while Albahari tells a moving tale of victims of the Holocaust at the Old Fair in Belgrade – a horrible account of crime narrated by a professor of the Serbo-Croatian language and literature, who in the late 80s is telling the story to his uninterested students, of crimes committed in this ill-reputed concentration camp through the characters of the main protagonists – two naive executioners. Their stories are testimonies of personal disintegration and death; they speak of personal responsibility and historical turbulences that are carried on through today.

In my work I used the stamp as a symbol of bureaucracy and regime that leaves a burial mound as its imprint. Multiplication of these imprints creates a powerful, morbid image of a mass grave. The image was apparently powerful enough that it provoked a group of vandals to trespass in the park one night towards the end of the exhibit with a stolen motorcycle, and driven by their own rage and agony, they smashed it into the sculpture after plowing through the earth mounds, only to finally set the motorcycle on fire by which the sculpture permanently disappeared in flames.

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