(2008) Tample

Galerija REMONT, Beograd 2008.

Tample (2007)

Light installation, vitrage in water

Light and water used in forming this installation are contextualized in Christian symbolism in which they are often used in rituals depicting the Godly and mystical. The replicated vitrage composition of the iconic depiction of the Crucifixion is transformed into a multimedia piece through the artist’s method. The fractured image turns the iconic display into an abstract ambient structure of light vibration that relates to the atmosphere of the temple. The art object is no longer isolated and becomes a flexible structure that induces interaction and encompasses the surrounding space as an elementary component of the piece. The relationship between small and large, as well as the art object and the space it finds itself in are inter-dependent in a tactile way that includes the vibration of the space and the surface of water. HYPERLINK

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