(2008) Bathroom Web

Dusseldorf, Artist in residence April/May 2008.

Bathroom Web(2008)

Light installation

Mirror, glass, water

This work developed and was displayed during my artist residence in Dusseldorf in 2008. Site-specific intervention was created by placing and cutting mirrors according to the space of a drain in a shower stall. The mirror is cut and put together again so that it forms a drawing of a spider web. Each line of the spider web continues to the lines of the surrounding space. The space where the mirror is placed is filled with water to the level of the floor, and the water from the shower dripped just enough to add rhythm to the light installation. The vibration of light, the dripping HYPERLINK of water, the spider web that condenses piled up time are used as elements that record my stay in that space, leaving behind traces of existence in a very fragile way.


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