2nd Symposium of Sculpture in Wood, Logarska dolina, Slovenia.

gnezdo 6gnezdo6Nest (2017)                                                                                                                              Material: wood                                                                                                                  Dimensions: 6,5 x 5 x 5m                                                                                                           Public space: Logarska dolina, Slovenia                                                                        Assistance and photo: Elsa Guillaume

My intention was to build a shelter, tree house in the form of bird nest with lot of openings. It is a place for contemplation which opens a view on the surrounding nature.  It is placed at view point on 1100m height over the sea level with a view on the Slovenian  mountains and National park  Logarska dolina. Tree house or nest was built in between the trees in the  forest. It was built in the contrast between the  geometrical structure of the ground plan and more natural,chaotic structure of the walls built in the form of the nest. Whole structure is very light and hang in the air in between the trees. Leathers are used for climbing up in the shelter. When you are on the ground under the leathers, looking up to the entrance opens a view on sky through the entrance hole. It is in a line with the work of James Turrel, his starcases which are ended in a some kind of simbolic eternety and light. Through this work I wanted to explore the relation between the light and space, nature, different types of building structures and tried to find  geometry in the natural space.


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