“Temporary archeology “Solo exhibition in Cultural center of Kovin,Serbia



Temporary archeology (2017)

Landart instalation


This project arised from research about significant points in a small town Kovin in Vojvodina, collecting my own observings  in the very range from the geographic and natural environment , socio-historical context and important infrastructure facilities that are present there. The National Park Delibatska Peščara (cultivated desert) is definitely one of the main natural  sign of Kovin. The population is mixed and shaped by migration and colonization after the Second World War. There are also numerous buildings originating from the Austro-Hungarian period, which now  are declining and serve like the mute architectural monuments, reminding us about  past and present time. Mental Hospital – Infrastructure facility located in one of these buildings also contributes to the identity of this town.


Concerning the installation Temporary archeology -I have begun the  work by casting out façade parts from the building of Mental hospital . This building, originating from the Austro-Hungarian period, was originally used as a military barracks. I built this instalation in the desert (Delibatska Peščara) by using parts of architecture from this building as some archaeological artifacts. I have cast these parts there and placed them within the concrete structure of bunker that I found at the site. For the casting I used sand, ephemeral material that contributes to the temporary nature of this installation. The result of this research is an abstract geometric sculpture,  hybrid and ephemeral form that carries the memory and identity of the town Kovin.

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