The Art of the Margin

Zabranjeno pominjati sate[12-55-13] Zabranjeno pominjati sate[12-55-30]

The Art of the Margin is a project which I am developing now in the strictly guarded prison “DOB“ which is situated in Mirna na Dolenjskom. This prison is at the same time the biggest one in Slovenia with around 450 users. the project involves workshops of graphics-technique in clay and the filming of a documentary movie which follows the execution of the workshops, the conditions of living and interviews with participants.

The prisoners are socially excluded, culturally barred and invisible. Through the mentioned workshops they obtain knowledges and skills and in that way a possibility to express themselves creatively and participate in the social and cultural life. In that sense expositions with their works and a video will be organized.

The prisoner already deal with different forms of creativity and also to express themselves visually (drawings on the walls of the wards, tattoos, painting, forming of ceramics). These workshops help them to form their visual contents and to transfuse it into graphics. The final product of the workshops is a ceramic tile which by its format and media can be a very successful means for the multiplication of paintings from the walls of the wards. the marginal culture of the prisons will be represented through these graphics and the prisoners will obtain the possibility to get involved into the cultural – social exchange.

The technique of graphic in clay is my innovation, it results from the form of deep printing and represents the compound of several disciplines of the fine arts like graphics, sculpture, drawing and ceramics.


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