Kunst Macht Frei

Gallery Equrna, Ljubljana

February, 2014

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Big money (2014)


I live in Slovenia the last three years. The country was quavered in the last years by scandals of corruption and political instability. By working on the project “The Art of the Margin“ in the biggest prisons of Slovenia, I had the occasion to teach about visual arts also some of the eminent managers and politicians who are responsible for this situation.

In the female prison I taught Hilda Tovšak about drawing and graphics-techniques in clay. Hilda is a former manager of the biggest civil-engineering companies “SCT“ and “Vegrad“. She attracted the attention of the media by numerous scandals and became the best-known prisoner in the country.

The installation is composed of two original drawings of Hilda Tovšak and prints of 100 american dollars, made in graphics-technique in clay, in dimensions 2 m x 80 cm . At the exposition “Kunst macht frei”  in the gallery “Equrna“ in Ljubljana, I made a print in fresh clay and let it run dry. During the exposition and the drying-process the dollar cracked, like the desert-soil. The big money, which destroys itself, was allocated below two drawings of Hilda.

pass: dob

Forbidden to mention the time (2014)
documentary , TT 15′ 22”

The movie emerged within the project “The Art of the margin“. It was in the biggest male prison “DOB“ in Slovenia. It is focused on the problems which the prisoners have in the relation with the media, censorship and strict regime. Telling from their own point of view, they talk about the terms of freedom, social acceptance and creative workshops which they had the occasion to attend in the prison. These workshops served them as an outcome and possibility to express themselves creatively. The video and graphics which emerged on these workshops were exposed at the exposition “Kunst macht frei“ (“The Art makes free“) in the gallery “Equrna“ in Ljubljana and several other expositions. In this way the marginal culture of the prison was presented and the prisoners got the opportunity to get involved into the cultural – social exchange.

Name of the original in the Slovene language: “Prepovedano omenjati uro“
Concept: Veljko Zejak
Camera and montage: Jure Plešec
Music: Robert Ivančič
Production: Oblikovalnik

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