Eastern promises, Berlin

Kunsthalle am Hamburger platz

February 2013DSC_0180

Untitled-1tumblr_mbno3njhp81rx4goto1_500IMG_8794 Monument of 3rd Internationale   Exhibition "Hybrid Object - Eastern Promises"

Artists are present (2013)
Artists: Veljko Zejak, Marina Markovic, Boris Sribar, Darko Stojkov, Selman Trtovac

Veljko Zejak asked the artists to write a simple message on a bed-sheet. A message which is related to their artistic position. After that the artists were covered and their bodies casted in the sheets on which “AZIL (asylum – rem. of the translator)”, “UTOPIA”, “YUG” etc. was written.
At the moment when the visitor enters into the gallery he first perceives a group of bodies which are lying on the floor and are covered with bed-sheets. At the beginning he thinks that somebody is lying or that a serial murder has just happened and that he befell at an inconvenient place. Then he perceives that there is nobody under the bed-sheet, there is only the presence of the artists and their simple message.

DSC_0176 282747_546406958717093_134480753_n 376206_543383339019455_1549828955_n 66952_551176411573481_1202641726_nDoor tennis (2013)

interactive installation


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