Proposla for the exhibition “We live on a star” at  Henie Onstad Art Centre, Oslo

2 Model picture outsideInside a cube, where each wall measure 4 by 3 meters, the same size as Ryggen’s work “We live on a star”, the atmosphere will change from one strong extremity to the other. Calm, meditative and peaceful ambiance shift to unsafe, disturbing surroundings, by the changing use of sound and light. The fact that Hannah Ryggen’s peaceful tapestry “We live on a star” ‐ that was also political, as she wanted to remind politicians passing the tapestry every day about humanity and love ‐ ended up damaged by a right wing extremist, is in an almost scary way linking back to Ryggen’s strong political works fighting fascism  Nazism and extremism.

The walls of the cube are made of aluminium sheets. Like the tapestry, the walls are wounded. Their wounds come from gun shots. As such, references to the tapestry and to the shooting include both the attack on the Government building and the attack at Utøya. The gun shot holes are visually beautiful, but with disturbing connotations. From the outside, light will be streaming in through the holes, to the darker inside. Associations could go to stars on the sky, enhanced by sound with warm tones. Then the atmosphere will change ‐ more disturbing, cold sounds, where the music itself is shooting towards the audience, the light will be more focused in sharp lines, using small amount of smoke to make the light lines visible. Then the smoke will disappear through the holes, the sound will calm, and the loop starts again.

Entering the cube, the visitors should take of their shoes. The reason for this is not only providing a feeling of vulnerability, it is also due to the textile on the floor; a needle felt made of human hair. The Serbian artist Zoran Todorovic made this felt for the Venezia Biennale 2009, by gathering hair from 250.000 persons. 

Model picture smoke

Picutre hair textile                  Gun shot holes in 2 mm alu sheet

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