Open door of my studio as a part of a event “Community, Art and Nature”at Art center Švicarija, Ljubljana




V februarju 2018 odpira vrata javnosti Ustvarjalni center Švicarija, ki skupaj z Mednarodnim grafičnim likovnim centrom (MGLC) tvori novo kulturno, izobraževalno in družabno središče v parku Tivoli v Ljubljani. Poleg rezidenc za domače in tuje umetnike Švicarija ponuja pester celoletni program z motom Skupnost, umetnost in narava.

“Temporary archeology “Solo exhibition in Cultural center of Kovin,Serbia



Temporary archeology (2017)

Landart instalation


This project arised from research about significant points in a small town Kovin in Vojvodina, collecting my own observings  in the very range from the geographic and natural environment , socio-historical context and important infrastructure facilities that are present there. The National Park Delibatska Peščara (cultivated desert) is definitely one of the main natural  sign of Kovin. The population is mixed and shaped by migration and colonization after the Second World War. There are also numerous buildings originating from the Austro-Hungarian period, which now  are declining and serve like the mute architectural monuments, reminding us about  past and present time. Mental Hospital – Infrastructure facility located in one of these buildings also contributes to the identity of this town.


Concerning the installation Temporary archeology -I have begun the  work by casting out façade parts from the building of Mental hospital . This building, originating from the Austro-Hungarian period, was originally used as a military barracks. I built this instalation in the desert (Delibatska Peščara) by using parts of architecture from this building as some archaeological artifacts. I have cast these parts there and placed them within the concrete structure of bunker that I found at the site. For the casting I used sand, ephemeral material that contributes to the temporary nature of this installation. The result of this research is an abstract geometric sculpture,  hybrid and ephemeral form that carries the memory and identity of the town Kovin.

2nd Symposium of Sculpture in Wood, Logarska dolina, Slovenia.

gnezdo 6gnezdo6Nest (2017)                                                                                                                              Material: wood                                                                                                                  Dimensions: 6,5 x 5 x 5m                                                                                                           Public space: Logarska dolina, Slovenia                                                                        Assistance and photo: Elsa Guillaume

My intention was to build a shelter, tree house in the form of bird nest with lot of openings. It is a place for contemplation which opens a view on the surrounding nature.  It is placed at view point on 1100m height over the sea level with a view on the Slovenian  mountains and National park  Logarska dolina. Tree house or nest was built in between the trees in the  forest. It was built in the contrast between the  geometrical structure of the ground plan and more natural,chaotic structure of the walls built in the form of the nest. Whole structure is very light and hang in the air in between the trees. Leathers are used for climbing up in the shelter. When you are on the ground under the leathers, looking up to the entrance opens a view on sky through the entrance hole. It is in a line with the work of James Turrel, his starcases which are ended in a some kind of simbolic eternety and light. Through this work I wanted to explore the relation between the light and space, nature, different types of building structures and tried to find  geometry in the natural space.


Landscape revisited, Dubravica 2017, Slovakia


Pool (2017)                                                                                                                Light installation                            Materials: wood, concrete, stainless steel, water, plexiglass  Dimensions: 45 x 90 x 150 cm                                            Public space: Durbavica, SLOVAKIA

Pool was made by the river stream, there is also sauna near. Idea is to   people  after sauna could enter into the pool to cool themselves. Like it they will be in  the middle of  reflections that was created by the reflective surface from the bottom.  On the bottom of  the pool I made section of landscape relief, cast it in concrete and  covered it with a stainless  steel panel polished until mirror. Also I connected this pool to  the nearest stream so in the  pool is flow of natural water

Exhibition “Reflessi“ , Arkad art foundation, Seravezza, Italy, 2017


Artists: Vincent BEAUFILS HOURDIGAS, Raphael BEIL, Jacques BERTOUX, Ramon BIANCHI, Andrea BIANCHI, Dario BIGONZI, Polo BOURIEAU, Aurelien BOUSSIN, Silvano CATTAI, Christophe CHEVALLIER, Andrew CLAUSEN, Bahadir COLAK, Andy CORNFORD, Milija CPAJAK, Frederic DANNE, Hans DEN HARTOG, Umit Turgay DURGUN, Andrea EVANGELISTI, Edmond FAIN, Francesco GALEOTTI, Sylvestre GAUVRIT, Giuseppe GRECO-LUCIANI, Zoran GRINBERG, Laurent GUYOLOT, Didier HAGEGE, Michel HERZELE, Guillaume LAMY, Pascale LEGRIS, Hsiu-Ling LIAO, Christophe LOYER, Benoit MIGAIROU, Elias NAMAN, Richard PAGE, Lucien PETIT, Alfredo PIOLI, POLSKA, Antonio REDONDO, Joel RICHARD, Martine SALAVIZE, Giovanni DA MONREALE, Jozsef SOSZKE, Anne Claire VAN DEN ELSHOUT, Simone VERONA, Lorenzo VIGNOLI, Luis VILLAESCUSA GONZALEZ, Kuo Hsien WANG, Bing WEN, Steve WOODWARD, Aurora ZAMORANI, Veljko ZEJAK, Jiefu ZHOU, Guolong ZONG.

Symposium of Sculpture in Stone in Makole 2016, Slovenia.

Molecule (2016/17)                                                                                                            Material: marble                                                                  Dimensions: 107cm x 97 cm x 100cm                        Public space: Main square,  Makole, Slovenia

Description: Trough this work I explore the idea that everything around us and inside us is made from simple elements which can be arranged in complex relationships and  become compound structures.Forms of balls are sensitive for touch and linked to each  other on a very soft way, that leaves erotical associations. It is an  abstract geometry  sculpture  inspired by the molecular structure.material object to his surrounding, on  that  point intent of author to redesign different spaces by setting works in  gallery and in public space.